Anime Fusion 2016 – Panel Materials

Hi everyone. This weekend I attended Anime Fusion 2016, a small anime convention local to the Twin Cities area. J.C. and I presented two panels at the convention – “Anime about Anime” and “Shiny New Anime.” The panel materials are presented below.

“Anime About Anime” was focused on anime series and OVA’s that actually talk about or focus on animation production. It presents a very high-level and non-specific look at how anime is made using clips from these anime. The majority of what we talked about can be found in the notes on the PowerPoint presentation. I believe that they should be viewable in PowerPoint Viewer and perhaps Open Office, though I have not tried that one. Apologies for some of the clips which contain some wack subtitles; In some cases I had to convert video from soft-subbed downloaded video, which is always iffy (if I had taken more time I would have ripped my own DVDs, but constructing the presentation took longer than expected). A special thanks to Washi’s Blog and Sakuga Blog, where I took a few of my extra examples.

PowerPoint Presentation

“Shiny New Anime” is, of course, our recurring panel focusing on anime from the last year that we watched and liked. It doesn’t include every single thing that I watched, just things that we wanted to recommend and discuss. It is also not comprehensive, as there were some very popular things from the last year that just didn’t hit me right. Please don’t take this as a judgment on anyone’s tastes, just a judgment on the anime itself as seen through my eyes and experience as a fan and consumer, as well as a reality check on how much time I have to devote to watching anime each season 🙂

The PowerPoint presentation itself is very large (600mb or so) because it contains some very large videos. I may upload each clip separately if there is some interest. The accompanying handout is usually what people like to have on hand, so I’ve uploaded that as well. The markings next to show titles are indicative of either the series we have clips for (*) or those we really wanted to discuss (++) or intended to discuss if time allowed (-). One other thing worth mentioning is that this is an incremental update to the presentation of this panel we did at Anime Detour 2016 – basically an update of 6 months/2 anime seasons.

PowerPoint Presentation


Please feel free to share these things around and use them how you like. If you plan to use them, in whole or in part, for a presentation you’re doing somewhere, just let me know. It is a lot of hard work to put this stuff together (I took the week off of work prior to the con in order to assemble it all and used a good majority of that time!), as well as to present it to an audience.

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