ProfileMy name is Jessi Silver, and I’ve been writing about anime on and off since Spring 2007. I began S1E1 with my friend Boris Smelov (after he offered) so that he could practice coding and I could practice writing about anime. Following that, S1E1 was reimagined in a blog-style format where I posted regularly until Summer 2013. Following a time of personal upheaval, S1E1 was restarted as an “anime-and-more” blog so that I could continue writing  and interacting with others online.

I was born in 1981 and have seen several waves of anime fandom come and go. I operate under the belief that there’s always good anime out there to find, and that there is something in the fandom for everyone. I come from a background of interest in Japanese language and culture, as well as an appreciation of animation of all kinds. I have a BA in Asian Languages and Literatures from the University of Minnesota College of Liberal Arts, and am still (after 15 years!) a member of the University of Minnesota Manga Anime Society. They have not decided to kick me out yet.

In addition to anime and manga, I also enjoy Japanese Lolita Fashion (it has nothing to do with the novel Lolita nor the “lolicon” genre) and have had a good time over the past couple of years cultivating my wardrobe. It’s a hobby that I came to somewhat late but which I really enjoy. My favorite brand is Innocent World and my preferred substyle is classic-sweet.

I’m currently employed as a supervisor at a large financial institution, and my coworkers kindly tolerate my many levels of geekiness.

Some of my favorite anime are: Dennou Coil, Nichijou – My Ordinary Life, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Mononoke, Kaiba (pretty much anything else directed by Masaaki Yuasa as well), and many more that I am probably forgetting right now. I am a big fan of dramatic series, and enjoy seeking out obscure anime to watch.